How we long for the days when our country had morals

I’m not talking about Christian morals here, either. I’m talking about basic human rights. It’s finally coming out, like in this story here, that our capture and torture of a Canadian citizen really did happen, and Canada even knew about it and wanted to protect our administration by keeping it quiet. This is, in a word, deplorable.

How is somebody not being prosecuted or impeached over this? I honestly don’t understand why our administration believes it has the right to torture people. No other administration believed that, ever. At the very least, this story should be another nail in the coffin of Alberto Gonzales’s career. Yet our esteemed President was recently given more power to continue his witch hunt on terrorism, rather than rebuked publicly. Things like this makes me wonder who owns Congress… and why they allowed a few honest people to get into it.


~ by akerasi on 11 August, 2007.

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