State of affairs

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This is just a personal log entry about my state of affairs.

1. I’m feeling somewhat better than I have in a while. Still not perfect, but I had a strong downturn for a while, and I finally got the upswing. A lot of it, honestly, seems to be my newly acquired PDA, an  ipaq 3870 w/expansion dock… a truly mobile internet tablet, that also plays my music and games, is a wonderful thing. I’m glad I got it  instead of a PDA phone, as I don’t have to worry when it runs out of battery power. Otherwise, things are finally moving forward again… and the snow arriving helps. Snow arriving, to my body, seems to be like the end of winter/beginning of summer for most people…

2.  I need to spend more time with people. Especially people that make me think. Preferably people who practice metaphysics, play games, and otherwise seek new things and try to improve their minds.

3.  My sleep schedule needs to get closer to most peoples’ normal, rather than my normal (which means being up all night and sleeping till noon). Even sleeping CONSISTENTLY from 2 AM to 10 AM would work well… but 1 AM-9AM would be better still.

4. I need to take some time out to meditate/work metaphysics soon, hopefully tonight. Working with technology is good, too ^^. Doing both would be wonderful.

5. My attempt to finish college WILL require a lot of work and administrative crap. If I can’t bull through it, I shouldn’t do it anyway… so I need to just buckle down and do it. Hopefully the people around me won’t make it harder… they’re good at that, ESPECIALLY when their intention is to “help”.

6. I wonder where that bloody serial cable is, so that I can convert my new PDA to linux… it might work better there, as I’m starting to run into limitations under Windows Mobile 2003.

7. It’s time to finally form a semi-official group of seekers. If you know what I mean by that and are driven to contact me about it, you might be someone I want to include. Hell, you may be the reason I posted this publicly ;)… so don’t be shy.

That’s it. I’m done for now. More later, maybe even later today.


Compiz Fusion is released

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Compiz Fusion, a window manager re-integrating the Beryl fork into Compiz, has been released as version 0.5.2. More details here. This release is a major one for the best eye-candy WM for XWindows, re-merging both development forks of Compiz into one coherent whole. It looks pretty good now, yet there is a lot of room for improvement… the Open Source community will provide the improvements over time, like always. As a Linux user myself, I’m excited to see what happens with this. I tend to use more minimalist window managers, myself, but we’ll see if this release is worth using.

Think Ron Paul will win the nomination? Put your money where your mouth is and make 22-to-1.

•13 August, 2007 • Leave a Comment, the trading site for world events, rates Ron Paul at having a 4.6 percent chance to win the Republican primary. This means that if you were to buy shares of this now, you could make 22-to-1 return on your investment if he wins the primary, not to mention what you could make on other bets expecting him to win the election. Good luck!

Karl Rove resigns.

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Apparently, Karl finally noticed the excrement about to fall into the whirling blades. Karl Rove has resigned, and will be out of office by the end of the month. More information here. I’m mildly surprised that he finally threw in the towel, but see it as a sign of prosecutions and convictions to come within the Bush Administration. I expected Gonzales to be the first to resign or be forced out of his office. I don’t know if it’ll be a good thing, having Karl out of the White House, though. The policies there may actually get worse, rather than better.

Remember that Straw Poll yesterday? If you watch Fox News, Ron Paul wasn’t even in it!

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As you may have read yesterday, there was a “straw poll” in Iowa for the Republican presidential candidates. Mitt Romney won, Ron Paul got a respectable 5th… yet according to Fox News, Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul don’t exist, so they didn’t even list them in the poll! More details here. I wonder if anyone who’s not a right-wing religious zealot has any respect for Fox News anymore…

Iowa straw poll results and controversy

•11 August, 2007 • 2 Comments

First, the official results:

1: Mitt Romney, 4516 votes

2: Mike Huckabee, 2587 votes

3: Sam Brownback, 2192 votes

4: Tom Tancredo, 1961 votes

5: Ron Paul, 1305 votes

6: Tommy Thompson, 1009 votes

7: Fred Thomson, 231 votes

8: Rudy Giuliani, 183 votes

9: Duncan Hunter, 174 votes

10: John McCain, 101 votes

11: John Cox, 41 votes

Ron Paul’s showing is pretty impressive, and John McCain’s and Rudy Giuliani’s remarkably underwhelming. However, the results are only the beginning of this story. The poll used the Diebold machines recently decertified in California for elections, and at least one of the machines malfunctioned, requiring a hand recount. Due to this, and the possibility of other malfunctions, these results should probably be taken with a grain of salt. I wonder who it was that chose and set up the machines used… and who they back in the upcoming primary.

How we long for the days when our country had morals

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I’m not talking about Christian morals here, either. I’m talking about basic human rights. It’s finally coming out, like in this story here, that our capture and torture of a Canadian citizen really did happen, and Canada even knew about it and wanted to protect our administration by keeping it quiet. This is, in a word, deplorable.

How is somebody not being prosecuted or impeached over this? I honestly don’t understand why our administration believes it has the right to torture people. No other administration believed that, ever. At the very least, this story should be another nail in the coffin of Alberto Gonzales’s career. Yet our esteemed President was recently given more power to continue his witch hunt on terrorism, rather than rebuked publicly. Things like this makes me wonder who owns Congress… and why they allowed a few honest people to get into it.